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Paula Brígido Llinares, MSc1,2; Roberto de la Fuente Pita, Ph.D1; Javier del Río Riego1, MSc; and Sara Sanz Juste, MSc1,3.

1 Embryologist Media, online non-profit website about Reproduction Biology, Spain.

2 Bioarray Edificio Quórum III, Av de la Universidad s/n, 03202, Elche, Alicante, Spain.

3 Fertility Specialists Medical Group, 8010 Frost St suite p, San Diego, California.

Contact: Javier del Río Riego (; Sara Sanz Juste (

Publicado en la revista 23 de octubre de 2018. El contenido de este número es accesible temporalmente mediante la descarga de la revista completa

Currently, Preimplantation genetic testing provides an alternative to prenatal diagnosis to detect specific genetic conditions. This approach usually is performed in advanced maternal age or to avoid inherited genetic conditions. Depending on the case and the center in which the biopsy is performed different types of biopsies can be done. Finally, considering the reason of this study, a study of aneuploidies, structural chromosomal rearrangements or monogenic diseases will be performed, and the presumed unaffected embryo(s) will be transferred or cryopreserved for later use.

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